Intensive Behavioural Support

The Intensive Behavioural Support program provides assistance to families with children with dual diagnosis (developmental disabilities and mental health), attachment disorders, sexual abuse and trauma history. Using a strengths-based approach, the Intensive Behavioural Consultant works with clients, school, work and home to create consistent coping strategies and approaches.

We provide:

  • One-on-one support – teaching coping skills and strategies; understanding and learning to regulate emotions; working through grief and drawing from hope
  • Parental coaching – consulting, building capacity and empowering through modeling and coaching
  • “The Wonder of Me” program
  • Staff consulting and training where needed
“The Wonder of Me”
“The Wonder of Me” experience becomes a place where individuals can celebrate who they are, grow and learn together, and take the learning back into their homes and working environments.  

Topics include coping strategies, understanding and healthy expression of emotions, identifying and understanding triggers, conflict resolution, healthy self-care, healthy relationships, recreational therapy, understanding healthy boundaries, rights and responsibilities, peer coaching, peer facilitation, and more.

The focus is placed on practicing these skills TOGETHER through the use of brainstorming, hands on experiences, drama and role-play.

Could you benefit from Intensive Behavioural Support?
  • Does your child have problems handling their emotions?
  • Does your child’s behaviour create challenges in your home?
  • Could you use some assistance developing skills so you can parent a child with challenging behaviours?
  • Are you a teacher or professional who works with an individual with challenging behaviours?
How to get service
For Children contact AIR – Access Information and Referral 519-824-4015 or 1-877-216-1116
Mother and son brushing teeth learning routines